Gfi Software Maintenance Agreement

14. OPEN SOURCE. Part of the product may contain and exist third-party (open source) software that can be used under the specific license under which open source software is distributed. You agree that you are bound by all these licensing agreements. The right to the software is retained by the relevant licensee. EACH OPEN SOURCE PROVIDED WITH THE PRODUCT OR CONTENT IN THE PRODUCT IS PROVIDED „AS SEEN“ AND WITHOUT ANY GUARANTEE OF ANY KIND. Support for some companies includes only telephone or electronic contacts and additional fees for upgrades. GFI maintenance is an all-inclusive cost: from phone support, online chat and email to code patches, new versions (which contain new features) and new versions (which fix minor issues). A GFI support contract is a small insurance policy that must be paid to protect your company`s data and infrastructure.

GFI FaxMaker and GFI Archiver understand maintenance up to the duration of the main license, because our customers have told us that maintenance is an assurance for their success. There are four main reasons why GFI provides a maintenance contract. 15. CONSENT TO THE USE OF THE DATA. GFI respects your privacy and complies with the terms of its privacy policy, which can be found in the following (and all successors or associated sites designated by GFI). You agree that GFI, its subsidiaries and affiliates are authorized to collect and use personal data that is not limited to technical information about your computer, system and application software, collected regularly and automatically to facilitate and improve the provision of software updates, support, content, TPM and other services. If the product is GFI WebMonitor, you agree that the product sends URL requirements to the servers of GFI or GFI licensees for categorization purposes. The software maintenance contract (SMA) is included in the price of the main product and cannot be decoupled from the price of the product. All on-site GFI products have a license key that determines the total units of the product that the customer has authorized. After the license of the main product, the customer receives a key to activate the software.

CLOUD SERVICES. If you have received cloud services from GFI, you are fully responsible for the content of your transfers via the product. GFI simply acts as a passive channel to allow you to send and receive the information of your choice. However, GFI reserves the right to take action regarding the product that GFI deems necessary or appropriate at its sole discretion if GFI believes that you or your information create liability for GFI, compromise the product for you or other customers, or if GFI may (in whole or in part) lose the product of ISPs or other suppliers.