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Authors who wish to insert figures, tables or passages of text that have already been published elsewhere must obtain permission from the copyright owner to publish the print format and online. (and to provide evidence that such authorization was granted when presenting his file.) Authors of articles published by BMJ should consult their journal-specific license: So always use the standard shortening of a journal`s name according to the ISSN list of title word shortcuts, see What form is the article published? If you include numbers already published elsewhere, you must obtain permission from the copyright owner for the print format and the online format. Please note that some publishers do not grant free electronic rights and Springer cannot refund any fees that may have occurred to obtain these permissions. In such cases, materials from other sources should be used. Personal communication and unpublished works should only be mentioned in the text. If such a quotation comes from a person other than the author, a letter must be filed in which the direct citation is given with the signature of the person named. Unpublished documents accepted elsewhere can be added to the list by designating the review followed by (in press) in parentheses. Enter page numbers for all references. Do not use footnotes or final notes to replace a reference list. In article quotes, list only the first three authors and add „et al.“ Infographic: a graphic visual representation of information, data or knowledge, larger than a standard character. They are sometimes referred to as „visual summaries“ and occasionally contain interactive elements.

The BMJ infographics can be found here, but they can be found elsewhere and in our other trade magazines. If in doubt, please contact Please also contact us for the availability of high-resolution files Expiration: The single URL will be automatically deactivated at the end of the license term, unless the license is renewed before the expiry date. When the author transfers the copyright to a publishing house, the publisher may decide to publish the book with a CC BY license. In this case, the author is bound by the terms of the CC BY license, since he is no longer the holder of the rights. The transfer of copyright also confers publishing rights… Contact BMJ for any questions regarding a license, – The requirement to manage the entire communication between the journal and all co-authors during submission and correction may be delegated to a contact or submission author. In this case, make sure that the corresponding author is clearly indicated in the manuscript. Before submitting sets of research data as additional information, authors should read the journal`s research policy. We recommend that you archive the search data in the data repositories if possible.

Thank you for making a very clear statement on this complex subject. I am pleased to see that it is now clear that this is not copyright, but that copyright authors lose (or cannot exercise) under the copyright agreement, even if they remain copyright holders. In exceptional cases, items may be subject to another license. If you have a specific condition (for example. B a funding condition) that does not authorize this license, please inform the magazine`s editors during the presentation. Exceptions are granted at the discretion of the publisher. Authors who publish with this journal accept the following conditions: 1. The authors maintain copyright and entitle the first publication of the Journal with the concurrent license for the work that allows others to share the work with a recognition of authorship and the first publication in this journal.