Avg License Agreement

one. Licensing. AVG Technologies grants you a non-exclusive and non-transferable license for the applicable life, under the terms of this Agreement, to use the Software only in an executable form or in the form of an object code, and only for authorized purposes under applicable conditions. Without limitation of the above, if you received the software in combination with a PC, network application or other hardware product, your license gives you the right to use the software only in combination with the corresponding hardware unit. ANY USE OF THE SOFTWARE OTHER THAN EXPRESSLY AUTHORIZED BY THIS SECTION 2, OR ANY RESALE OR SUBSEQUENT DISTRIBUTION OF THE SOFTWARE, ISIS A BREACH OF THIS AGREEMENT AND MAY VIOLATES APPLICABLE COPYRIGHT LAWS. a. Extensions. AVG Technologies offers you the opportunity to renew the licenses granted by this contract at the current AVG Technologies renewal price before the end of the initial term or the current extension period. You can accept such an offer by following the instructions and paying the renewal price set in the offer, to which the term of the contract is extended from the relevant period (an „extension period“). c. Exclusion of liability. AVG Technologies rejects all other guarantees relating to software, media and all other elements of this agreement, whether explicit or implicit, including, but not limited to, the tacit guarantee of market continuity, the tacit guarantee of adequacy to a specific purpose and the tacit guarantee of non-counterfeiting. AVG Technologies does not guarantee that the software is running without interruption or error, nor that the software offers 100% protection.

Some laws do not limit certain unspoken safeguards, so the above restrictions may not apply to you. You may have other rights that vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. b. Restrictions. You cannot and cannot fail to allow a third party not to reproduce the software for other purposes other than reasonably, in order to use the software provided in this agreement and use it for online archiving and disaster recovery purposes, (ii) to install the Software on more computers than has been authorized by applicable conditions. , (iii) unless this has been expressly approved by AVG Technologies. , use a license number given by AVG Technologies (a „licensing number“) in conjunction with software on more than one (1) computer, (iv) transmit any license number to parties other than AVG Technologies, or, if applicable, to obtain software-related support services, designated agents of AVG Technologies, (v) publish the software or license number or use the same number as for authorized purposes. , (vi) except as explicit law, reverse engineering, disassembly, decompilation, translation, reconstruction, software transformation or extraction or part of the software (including, but not limited to all malicious signatures and related malware detection routines), (vii) except as expressly authorized, modified, modify or modify in one way or another (including , but not limited to all malware and malware signatures associated with it), (viii) transfer, seizures, rentals, parts or sublicensings of the software except for the sale, leasing, leasing, rental or other transmission of the computer on which it is installed in accordance with applicable conditions (ix) grant or (x) access or use of the software to a service office , time sharing, subscription service, application provider or any other similar basis, or trying to overcome or circumvent controls on installing or using copies of the Software, or authorizing or assisting third parties.